(forgive me. my posts are sporadic. i’ve been at two funerals. i’m just coming back.)

April 2: Poetry Challenge 2/30

The words I feel traveling through my body–pulsating with each rapid beat

my heart races- as I witness a phenomena so great, so forceful, so magnificently wonderful that sometimes I can’t take it.

The vibrations, pinging back and forth- axons firing off

and I stand straight tall. And I’m wired.

Energy. Electricity maneuvering its self through me, for every step I take my world comes alive and renews me

but sometimes.

Sometimes sadness drapes its cloak over my heavy laden shoulders and add more weight- Lord the The things I Carry forbids me to concentrate.

Late at night I fight these words,

The ones cloaked in despair-

“No” I wish to reply- but the “Yes” is all I say.


About onewritersheart

I love to be myself . . . whatever that means. But seriously, I love to write, laugh, and lounge around the house when my schedule isn't too crazy. I have five tiny humans: three nephews and two nieces. I am the youngest of five, and a twin. Lastly, I am awesome and I love myself.
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