He is dark.

His hair is nappy.

His stature is tall.

And I love the way he calls me “baby.”

That is fact.

Never have I actively courted a man a day in my life.

I’ve always been the one desperate for “love me and fuck me so I know I’m worth it”

But he doesn’t push it.

I am fully enthralled by his persistence.

His subtle pokes at “us” in the long run

He treats me like he’s my one.

Like I’m his only-

because lonely stayed 2 ½ years too long

and he’s ready to give.

So am I.

When shall we make this beautiful exchange?


About onewritersheart

I love to be myself . . . whatever that means. But seriously, I love to write, laugh, and lounge around the house when my schedule isn't too crazy. I have five tiny humans: three nephews and two nieces. I am the youngest of five, and a twin. Lastly, I am awesome and I love myself.
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